2018 Outcomes of the FR-SE partnership for innovation and green solutions [fr]

A strategic partnership for innovation, digitalisation and green solutions between Sweden and France was signed in November 2017 in Göteborg by Prime Minister Löfven and President Macron.

Find out the outcomes achieved during the first year of the partnership.

The partnership covers 4 areas :
 Green transports, Energy and Smart Cities
 Green Finance
 Digitalisation and Start-ups
 Life Science


Activities since the signing of the partnership in France and in Sweden

The Embassies in France and Sweden are coordinating the implementation of the roadmap of the partnership, through high-level political visits and exchanges between all stakeholders.

The french embassy in Sweden has organised numerous outreach sessions for key French and Swedish stakeholders and has issued a series of papers (Sweden and the technological frontier) on the webpages of the Economic Department.

Find out all the actions enabled by the partnership in the following document :

PDF - 450.1 kb
(PDF - 450.1 kb)


Updated 28/12/2018

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