Alfa Laval: A major player in the French technological market [fr]

In 1907, Alfa Laval was the first Swedish company to open a subsidiary in France. Today, they are the leaders in their area of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies, with 10 sites in France and global sales of 4 billion euros.

Alfa Laval was founded more than 130 years ago and is present in three major areas – energy, environment and food. In 2013, Alfa Laval had over 900 employees in France.

Lars Renström, CEO and President, Alfa Laval Group shares the story : “Alfa Laval was the first Swedish company to open a subsidiary in France. We can say that we were the Swedish pioneers in France when we opened our daughter company in Paris in 1907, which was the sales office for selling equipment to the French dairy industry. In 1947 we opened our first production site in Nevers, where we produced our equipment for the dairy industry and agriculture. In the last 30 years, we have made totally six acquisitions in France. We have sales of about 400 million euros in France, 100 million euros of that is for the domestic market in France and 300 million euros is for global export. For Alfa Laval, France is very significant country, because it is also a base for the global supply of specialized products for refineries and also food processing. Outside the Nordic countries, France is the most significant country in Europe for the Alfa Laval Group.”

Please find more information about Alfa Laval and its investments in France here.


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