Ambassadörens tal under manifestationen i Stockholm / Charlie Hebdo (11 januari 2015) [fr]

Här är det tal ambassadör Jacques Lapouge höll under stödmanifestationen på Sergels torg i Stockholm den 11 januari 2015 med anledning av terrorattacken mot tidningsredaktionen Charlie Hebdo i Paris.

Ambassadeur Jacques Lapouge à Sergels torg, Stockholm - JPEG
Ambassadör Jacques Lapouge talar på Sergels torg den 11 januari 2015

"This is impressive to see so many people, Swedes and French together, rallying for the freedom of expression and to show their solidarity after these terrible events in France. I would like to thank the organizers of this rally, Reporters without Borders, Svenska Tecknare, but also all those who took the initiative to call for it through the social networks, among them a lot of French students and expats who have mobilized as early as the 7th of January, the day of the attack against Charlie Hebdo.

It is really important and comforting for the French people living in Sweden to have this kind of event this afternoon, at a time when so many of our compatriots walk in the streets of all the major French cities to show their unity and their will to confront terrorism. The main rally, as you know, will be in Paris in less than an hour, it will be huge, and it also will be international. The leaders of all the European countries will be in the front line to show their solidarity, and among them the Swedish Prime Minister, and we are very grateful for that.

I have to say that since Wednesday, we have been overwhelmed at the Embassy by the outpour of messages expressing the grief and the solidarity of our Swedish friends. This is in these moments that you really see what friendship is, from the officials but also from so many individuals, ordinary citizens, lighting candles and bringing flowers. So thank you for that. I want also to tell my gratitude to the Swedish press and media which have given an incredible coverage, in quantity and quality, of these tragic events.

In fact, everybody has realized that it was not only a French magazine which had been attacked but, because of what Charlie Hebdo embodies, it was the freedom of expression and all the values we stand for. Of course, France has been stricken at the heart but it is all the defenders of democracy in the world who feel hurt and the fact that the motto “I am Charlie” has gone viral so quickly is the clearest sign of it.

Yes, France has been shaken during these three days, but we have reacted with a fierce determination to defend our freedoms, and we have done it with our best weapon which is unity. Against those who try to intimidate us and divide us, we want to stand tall, refuse to give way on our values, strengthen our fight against terrorism, racism and anti - semitism. And at the same time, be very clear on our determination to refuse all the amalgams, because these fanatics have nothing to do with Islam.

We are still in the time of emotion, we mourn the cartoonists, journalists and employees of Charlie Hebdo, the policemen, the hostages, the members of the Jewish community, these seventeen men and women who have been victim of the barbary. But the time of action has already started. We must increase our cooperation, worldwide and especially at the European level to defend our freedoms. A meeting has already been organized in Paris this morning between European ministers and there will be many more of them. And we know that Sweden and France will be side by side in this venture.

Un mot pour mes compatriotes français et franco-suédois. Pour vous remercier d’abord de vous être mobilisés spontanément depuis mercredi et de vous réunir, ici mais aussi à Göteborg et ailleurs en Suède.

C’est important, dans ces moments difficiles, d’être ensemble, pour manifester notre émotion et notre refus de céder sur les valeurs essentielles, notamment la liberté d’expression. C’est important aussi de le faire avec nos amis suédois, avec qui nous partageons notre vie quotidienne. C’est important surtout en ce jour où la France entière se rassemble dans des proportions incroyables. Nous voudrions tous pouvoir défiler à Paris, à Toulouse, à Strasbourg ou ailleurs, mais nous sommes aussi heureux de pouvoir nous recueillir ensemble à Stockholm.

La tristesse et le choc provoqués par les évènements de ces derniers jours sont très forts. Mais nous pouvons aussi être fiers de la façon dont la France et les Français ont fait face en se mobilisant dans la dignité et surtout dans l’unité, unité de la population, des responsables politiques, des autorités de toutes les religions, solidarité des journalistes, qui aident Charlie à continuer à paraître, et aussi bravoure de nos forces de l’ordre. Comme le disait au lendemain de l’attentat un éditorialiste de la presse française, les démocraties sont des régimes de faible apparence mais d’une force insoupçonnée, les épreuves font resurgir leur attachement aux valeurs fondatrices. La liberté est comme l’air, on la respire sans y penser mais si elle vient à manquer nous déployons aussitôt toute notre énergie pour la retrouver. C’est pourquoi, comme l’a dit le Président de la République après le dénouement des attaques, il faut rester mobilisés, unis et vigilants. Cela vaut aussi pour nous Français de l’étranger, pour nous Français de Suède. Et bien sûr, l’Ambassade reste complètement engagée à vos côtés pour vous accompagner.

Thanks to all of you and let’s stay mobilized, French and Swedes together.

And now, I would like to ask you to observe a minute of silence."

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