Going to French Guiana : yellow fever vaccination

The vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory for all visitors of age above 9 months coming to French Guiana (Guyane). If the visitor cannot be vaccinated because of medical issues, a doctor’s certificate will be required (translated in French by a certified agent if needed).

Without the vaccination certification, entry on the territory will be denied.

  • Vaccine only available at international vaccination centers.
  • Vaccination schedule: 1 injection at least 10 days before departure.
  • Children: from 9 months (between 6 and 9 months only in special circumstances).
  • Administrative protection: lifelong.

Following a World Health Organization decision, the International Health Regulations have been amended and the term of validity of a yellow fever vaccination certificate, previously 10 years, has now been extended to the life of the person vaccinated; However, according to the Opinion of the French High Council for Public Health (HCSP), yellow fever booster vaccinations are still recommended for:

  • Children who were vaccinated under the age of 2: a second dose from the age of 6 in the event of further travel to a yellow fever endemic region;
  • Women whose primary vaccination was during pregnancy, people with HIV and immunodeficient patients vaccinated in the conditions outlined in the report by the French High Council for Public Health (HCSP): a second dose 10 years later;
  • People who were vaccinated against yellow fever more than 10 years ago: a second dose if an outbreak has been reported in the country visited.

Updated 05/07/2018

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