Inför COP21: Möte mellan president Hollande och Världsbankschefen Jim Yong Kim i Paris (29 april 2015) [fr]

Den 29 april 2015 möttes Världsbankschefen Jim Yong Kim och president François Hollande i Paris för att diskutera klimatfrågor och COP21.

Den 29 april 2015 möttes Dr Jim Yong Kim, chef för Världsbanken (World Bank Group) och Frankrikes president François Hollande i Paris för att diskutera klimatkonferensen COP21, vikten av bistånds- och utvecklingsfinansiering samt det internationella samfundets respons vid naturkatastrofer.

Jim Yong Kim välkomnade Frankrikes ansträngningar att förändra utvecklings- och tillväxtländers attityder gentemot mot klimatförändringarna. Han bekräftade också de multilaterala utvecklingsbankernas engagemang till klimatfinansiering till president Hollande, som betonade betydelsen av att COP21 blir framgångsrikt.

“Climate change seriously affects development and the fight against poverty. The World Bank Group is well aware that without strong action, global warming could prevent the lifting of millions of people out of poverty and wipe out decades of development.”
Speaking of the Conference on Financing for Development to be held in Addis Ababa in July, Mr Kim and M. Hollande warned that new sources of development funding are essential if we are to achieve the eradication of extreme poverty by 2030 and promote shared prosperity.

“The end of extreme poverty is within reach, but to achieve this ambitious target would require greater collaboration between governments, the private sector, multilateral banks and all development partners," said the World Bank Group President.
Regarding the devastating earthquake that has hit Nepal, Mr Kim restated: “We were shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the tragedy in Nepal, with its terrible human toll and material destruction. We are in close contact with the Nepalese authorities, who have specifically requested our support to help carry out an assessment of damage and reconstruction needs in urban areas affected by the quake. The World Bank Group is a long-standing partner of Nepal and will do everything possible to help people through this ordeal.” Mr Kim and M. Hollande agreed to coordinate a response to the vast devastation caused by the earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday.

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