Job offer: Housekeeper at the Residency

Job description:

  • Perform daily maintenance of the interior of the residence, cleaning, laundry maintenance and ironing
  • Preparation and service of the breakfast
  • Maintenance of the flowers in the residence
  • Participate in the preparation of the activities of the residence and the service
  • Occasional help in cooking

Training and / or professional experience desirable:

  • Young graduate in hospitality
  • Experience of service functions in the formal structures and / or prestige institutions appreciated

Required languages

  • English : good standard
  • French : desired
  • Swedish : appreciated

Conditions relative to residence permits for non-Swedish applicants:

  • Residence permits of residency and work permits for non EU nationals.
  • Residence permits for European Union’s nationals (personnummer).

Salary / Advantages

  • 14 665 sek before income tax to be paid in France
  • The tax treatment of compensation received by the employee is determined by the relevant provisions of the Franco-Swedish Convention of November 27th, 1990

1. Attractive appearance
2. Discretion
3. Adaptability and reactivity
4. Organizational ability
5. Team spirit
6. Interpersonnal skills
7. Rigor
8. Knowledge of professional obligations relating to health and safety

Schedules and particular constraints (obligations, flexible hours etc.)

  • Weekly timetable : 37h30
  • High avalaibility : frequent evening work and weekends

One-year contract
Date of start of the contract : October 1st 2017
Date of end of the contract : September 30th 2018

Application to be sent to before September 21st 2017.

Senast uppdaterad 12/09/2017