Labor market, research, taxation… The new measures detailed!

Labor market, research, taxation… The new measures detailed!

France reforms and evolves to increase its attractiveness to international investors! The reforms processed for several weeks to enhance the competitiveness of companies, boost job creation and encourage the establishment of new activities in France are now voted and implemented.

Passed in the wake of an agreement between employer federations and trade unions, the Act of June 14, 2013 constitutes a major turning point in French labor law by reconciling the strengthen of workers’ protection and companies’ flexibility; thanks to the law of June, 14th, companies can now adapt to economic uncertainty while safeguarding jobs thanks to the increasing of professional and geographic mobility for employees, whose working hours and remuneration can be adjusted.

Tax adjustments to competitiveness strengthen are part of this will; in addition to the “research tax credit” (credit d’impôt recherche- CIR), which offers the highest incentive for R&D operations in Europe, the introduction of a new“ competitiveness and employment tax credit” (credit d’impôt pour la compétitivité et l’emploi- CICE) will lead to a 4% reduction in labor costs in 2013 and 6% in subsequent years. Vast initiative to streamline regulations and administrative formalities for several weeks makes also this fiscal framework more attractive to companies projecting to set up, innovate and invest in France.

Do you want to learn more about new measures? Documents are available here!

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