Online appointments

This section is reserved exclusively for scheduling a rendez vous for requests concerning visas.

If you are a FRENCH CITIZEN and you wish to request a passport or a national identity card, please connect you on the link (french passport; french identity card)

In order to apply for a visa, an appointment must first be made on line .
Remember that you have to apply at least 15 days but no more than 3 months before your planned dates of travel.

[fond rouge]No application can be lodged without a prior appointment. [/fond rouge]

Please note that
- you have to pay by cash : there are no money exchange
- 1 appointment = 1 passport
- before to get an appointment be sure that you have all the documents required OR cancel your appointment if necessary
- you have to cancel your appointment if necessary

- please DO NOT get an appointment if you want to have informations on visa’s procedure. Send an e-mail

On the day of the appointment:

Only the applicant is admitted for the interview, unless he/she needs to be accompanied owing to age, ill health or difficulties in speaking French or English.

Please note that there is no waiting area in front of the Consulate for friends or relatives who are not admitted for the interview.

Minor applicants have to be accompanied by their mother or father or legal guardian for the personal interview.


Updated 28/08/2013

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