Ouverture du Festival de film français à Stockholm (15 avril 2015) [sv]

Discours de M. Jacques Lapouge, Ambassadeur de France en Suède, à l’occasion de l’ouverture du Festival de film français à Stockholm le 15 avril 2015.

"Dear Franska Film Festivalen team, Dear audience,

It is a pleasure to be here tonight for the opening screening of the 16th Franska Film Festivalen.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the team of the Festival for their dedication and ambition ! This year’s festival is packed with avant-premières, new directorial voices and award winning films.

To take just a few examples, the film we are about to see, Les Combattants (Love at First Sight), recently won three Césars (French Oscars) for best actress, best young male actor and best first film. Lucie Borleteau, a dynamic young director, will be attending the festival this Saturday to present both her short film ‘The Belly Strike’ and her latest feature film ‘Fidelio, Alice’s journey’. And recognised film critics such as Camille Brunel and Helena Lindbladas, as well as the ARTE FRANCE delegate of cultural events, Angelina Medori, will be participating in the festival.

On top of this year’s very strong program, with the focus on the Mediterranean region, the team is also embarking on a quest to spread the love of French cinema all over Sweden by taking a selection of new French films on a national tour after this festival. It is this same team that has coordinated the very popular Franska Tisdagar at Zita for the past few weeks, every Tuesday and I understand that the series will return in the fall. All this to say, we deeply thank the Franska Film Festival team and their tireless work of promoting one of the gems of French cultural production : cinema.

The French Film Festival and the Franska Tisdagar began 15 years ago as a collaboration between the Institut Français de Suède (with in particular Olivier Guerpillion who is with us tonight) and local film distributors. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the many distributors who have followed their passion for French film, and who have made it so that after the English-speaking ones, the most watched foreign films in Swedish cinemas are from France.
Lastly, I would like to thank you all. Since my arrival this fall, I have been impressed and delighted by the many Swedes I have met who greeted me in fluent French and held a deep interest in our country and culture. So it is my pleasure to be here tonight, to support the festival in a country that shares our passion for one of the strongest art forms of our time.

Bonne projection."

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