Porträtt av kocken Oscar Olsson på Brasserie Makalös i Stockholm [fr]

Den 21 mars 2016 bjuder fler än 1500 kockar på fem kontinenter på en fransk middag på sina respektive restauranger inom ramen för "Goût de France / Good France", ett evenemang som hyllar den franska gastonomin och levnadskonsten. I Sverige deltar 16 restauranger runt om i landet. Du kan välja just den miljö som passar dig bäst: bistro, brasserie, en modern eller en mer exklusiv gourmetrestaurang.

Oscar Olsson på Brasserie Makalös är en av deltagarna. Lär känna denna unga, talangfulla kock och se den fantastiska menyn som han har skapat till den 21 mars.

Porträtt av Oscar Olsson


"My name is Oscar Olsson. I was born and raised in Umeå (the northern part of Sweden). I have 5 siblings so helping out at home was a must for all of us. My part was often in the kitchen.

I’ve always been an active person in both my career and in sports. When I was 16 years old, I moved to a town called Fagersta for waterskiing and cooking school. In the mornings I learned how to cook and in the afternoons I improved my waterskiing.

After school I moved to Stockholm and took a job in an old french inspired cuisine. I realized that it was a lot of hard work but I loved every minute about it. The speed, the number of plates we did every night, the focus and quality there was on every plate that left the kitchen.

At the age of 28, I moved to Paris to take a further step into the gastronomic world of the French cuisine. When I arrived, I was amazed by the quality of the food. All the products were so much better, and I realized that cooking in France is not just something you do to fill your stomach, it’s a religion. Everything changes by season and even at the smallest grocery store around the corner you can tell the season for prunes, walnuts, shellfish etc.

During my first year I learned a lot about taking care of the products. Making sure that nothing goes to waste and much focus on the tastes. The year after I got a job offer from a private members club in the middle of Paris, where I got the honor to be the head chef for two years before I moved back to Stockholm.

For me the French cuisine is definitely the best in the world. I could not imagine a world without croissants, baguettes, foie gras, fromages, and all the pastries. The love for food and gastronomy in France amaze me and so many others in the whole world.

One of my favorite dishes is Chicken liver with smoked potatoes and grated foie gras.

Vive la France"

Oscar Olssons "Goût de France / Good France"-meny

  • Salami aux truffes et noix de macadam
  • Crème brûlée au Roquefort avec céleris, poires et noix
  • Foie de volaille avec pommes de terre fumées et foie gras râpé
  • Fromage français
  • Tarte tatin avec sa crème glacée au fromage frais

Pris: 685 kr/person


Brasserie Makalös
Besöksadress: Västra Trädgårdsgatan 11 B, Stockholm
Telefon: 08 440 66 25
Hemsida: http://brasseriemakalos.se/

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