Välkommen till en debatt om ett brännande samtidsämne [fr]

I början av mars anordnar Frankrikes ambassad och Dagens Nyheter en debatt mellan Natalie Nougayrède, ledarskribent på The Guardian och f.d. chefredaktör på Le Monde, och DN:s chefredaktör Peter Wolodarski.

Dessa två stornamn inom den europeiska journalistiken möts då i ett samtal om populismens framväxt och det krisartade läge media genomgår. Behövs en ny typ av journalistik? Det är en central fråga de kommer att utbyta kring under samtalet, som kommer att hållas på engelska och modereras av journalisten Johar Bendjelloul.

Praktisk information inför evenemanget:

  • Datum: måndagen den 4 mars 2019
  • Tid: 18.00 – 19.30. Insläpp från 17.30.
  • Språk: engelska
  • Pris: 100 kronor
  • Plats: Biograf Capitol, Sankt Eriksgatan 82, 113 62 Stockholm
komplettprogram på engelska :

In the wake of the fall of the Berlin wall, a wave of hope spread that the world would finally head towards lasting peace, cooperation and the development of universal values. Some even alluded to the possibility of the “end of history”. Around three decades later, the results are lukewarm. Even in the most advanced democracies, populism, nationalism and protectionist claims are on the rise, while the temptation of dangerous nationalist fallback is looming closer. Moreover Internet, once full of promises for the access to knowledge and democratization, is increasingly endangered by the threat of disinformation and conspiracy theories.

After a short opening speech by David Cvach, French ambassador to Sweden, Natalie Nougayrède and Peter Wolodarski will discuss a topic that still seems to haunt Western democracies: the weight of their past, and their ghosts returning.

Not only will they be debating issues related to populism (What are the roots of the phenomenon? What is at stake for the European Union? What prospects are to be expected?), they will also explore the challenges to be addressed by modern journalism in this regard: What is the role of social media nowadays? Have they taken over when it comes to informing the masses? What place and role is left to traditional media, often considered as part of the elite?

Bios :

Natalie Nougayrède is a French journalist, and specializes in international relations with a special expertise on Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space. She is an Editorial board member at The Guardian (UK), editor of the Europe Now series, and a columnist. She is also a former Director of French newspaper Le Monde.

Peter Wolodarski is a major figure of journalism in Sweden, and is Editor-in-Chief of Sweden’s leading daily newspaper since 2013.

Moderated by:

Johar Bendjelloul is a Swedish journalist and presenter, and has worked on several news programs on SVT and Sveriges Radio. He joined Dagens Nyheter in 2018.

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