“The Swedish model” by Veronika Wand-Danielsson, Ambassador of Sweden in France [fr]

The number of partnerships between France and Sweden has grown rapidly in recent years, in research as well as in production. Swedish exports to France have now reached 5% of the global volume of exports. Furthermore, more and more French people choose Sweden for holidays, as they are attracted by its culture and its way of life.

France and Sweden have had an active trading partnership for a long time. How has it changed since Sweden joined the European Union and what are the main trends today?

We have had trade relations with France for a long time, starting well before Sweden joined the European Union. Sweden joined the European Union (EU) in 1995, which opened the European market to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and made it possible to develop trade relations between our two countries.

In your opinion, what are the factors of attractiveness of France that can lead to the reinforcement of Swedish investments in France?

France is a country which attracts many foreign investors, with its central position in Europe, its well-developed infrastructure and attractive possibilities for setting up business. France invests a lot in high technology and has a highly-skilled labor force. The largest Swedish investment projects in France concern production activities, and the long-term goal is to boost trade and the Swedish presence in the French market.

The flow of French tourists to Sweden is constantly growing. How can this enthusiasm be explained?

Sweden is still an unusual destination, which attracts because of its difference, its authenticity and its innovative character. According to French visitors, its main appeal is nature and a healthy way of living. The modernity of Sweden, its gastronomy, its fashion, its music and its high-tech are real strengths.

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